If you've ever watched a western movie or television series such as 'Bonanza', you'll recognise these locations.The left photo was taken on my digital camera in June 2008 and the right photo from the movie 'Posse from Hell' which was made in 1961.

Vasquez Rocks and Red Rock Canyon are located north of Los Angeles - on the way to the Sierra Mountains.

Lone Pine, a lovely area to visit in the Sierra Mountains, was where 'Ride Lonesome' and many famous western movies were filmed. I was so busy looking around that I forgot to take more photos. The town has an interesting museum - Museum of Western Film History on the main street is well worth a visit. Museum of Western Film History

Vasquez Rocks Vasquez Rocks and Linda Debbie & Red Rock Canyon Red Rock Canyon Alabama Hills
Original Ride Lonesome Script Burt Kennedy Award Burt Kennedy Award Closeup Burt Kennedy Golden Boot Award Posse from Hell
Native lizard Mum and chicks Dad in the Hills Native Flora Joshua Tree