South Pacific

This was a 1958 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical classic. Recently re-released it's a musical of love during World War II. Set on a tropical island of coconut palms, natives, nurses and Seabees of which one is James Stacy.
His appearances are limited to some on-camera verses of one song and whistling but other than that he is one of the chorus Seabee hunks(shirtless) in the background. You'll be able to pick him out because he's the one not wearing dogtags, but some other chain around his neck instead.

The first time you see James he's walking across the screen in full song.

Nice side profile.

Chorus shot. He's the one holding the mast and peering to the left of it.

A wider shot of him singing.

I am not connected to James Stacy, nor do I have any means of contacting him.
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