made its debut for the CBS Network on September 24, 1968. 
Twentieth Century Fox Studios produced 51 top quality hour long colour episodes of the show.
The 1870s circa western was a well-written and produced series, which should hve survived longer than it did.  Debuting at the end of the westerns era and despite interesting storylines and numerous well known guest stars, it couldn't hold the audience's attention and was cancelled. Nevertheless, those in the audience who saw the series have never forgotten it and Lancer remains in their memories.
portrayed the father, Murdoch Lancer who had not seen his sons, born to different wives, since they were young boys.  A man of Scottish descent, Murdoch rarely showed his feelings, but as the series progressed this changed slightly.
was cast as Scott Lancer, the oldest son.  His mother met Murdoch Lancer soon after he arrived from Scotland, but died in childbirth.  His maternal grandfather raised and educated him in Boston and refused to return him to Murdoch.
played the youngest son John or Johnny as he was more commonly called.  His mother was of Mexican heritage and when Johnny was very young, took him away from Murdoch.  Despite Murdoch's best efforts, he couldn't locate either of them.
Johnny grew up along the Mexican border towns and became known as the gunfighter Johnny Madrid.
ELIZABETH BAUR was Teresa O'Brien, Murdoch Lancer's ward.
Her father had been the ranch foreman from when Murdoch first started his ranch, but was killed chasing a stolen horse.
Murdoch took her into his home and she was the daughter he never had and the boys' surrogate sister.
Lancer is not available on VHS nor DVD.
Character actor PAUL BRINEGAR signed on for the second season as Jelly Hoskins.
A man with a past which slowly comes out in that season.