Just A Little Inconvenience

ABOVE: A scene from the show.

LEFT: Cover from the paperback.

This was a 1977 tv-movie which earned James an Emmy nomination.
James plays Kenny Briggs, Lee Majors Frank Logan and Barbara Hershey as Nikki Klausing.

Kenny and Frank were boyhood friends. Westpoint called Kenny and Frank worked on an engineering degree. Then the Vietnam war came and both are sent to the front. Kenny is made a Captain and Company Commander and Frank his Second Lieutenant.
In the heat of a battle, and with his radio shot to pieces, Kenny is forced into finding his reinforcements which are in Frank's command.
Both lives change in an instant when Kenny steps on a landmine.
Anger, resentment and courage entwine the two men, along with snow-covered mountains, love and a beautiful young woman.

What Did I Think Of It?
Well at the time I put this page up, I hadn't seen it, but when I do I'll give it a rating.
So far it gets 5/10 because James is in it. Points for the story etc. will be awarded later. :)

ABOVE: Another scene.

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